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  • Top 10: Planning for next season

    In preparation for next season, here are a few field and office jobs and WHEN to start them. 1. Manage weeds. Fall is an excellent time to control perennials and winter annuals ahead of next season. As part... more


  • Tough canola can heat quickly

    We heard a report this week of tough canola starting to heat after just two days in the bin. This is a good reminder to put canola on aeration right after harvest, especially if it’s tough or hot or both.... more


  • When to spray weeds in the fall?

    Fall is a good time to control perennial and winter annual weeds, but spraying immediately after harvest may not provide the best results. Perennial weeds cut off at harvest need time to accumulate new leaf... more


  • Fall weed control: pre-canola options

    Canola is sensitive to carryover from many herbicides. Here’s the list of products that could be used this fall on fields planned for canola next spring, but read the notes carefully. You’ll find useful... more


  • Post-harvest scouting for verticillium and other diseases

    Disease scouting long after swathing is not usually the most accurate, as saprophytic organisms — those that feed on and break down dead material — move in fast and cloud the identification... more


  • What to do with wind-blown swaths

    Step 1: Contact crop insurance. They may need to assess the loss before harvest can proceed. Step 2: Combine once the crop is cured. The damaging wind in combination with the now-open swaths may speed the... more


  • Tips to prevent and manage soil compaction

    At the Soil Compaction Workshop at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s centre in Portage la Prairie, Man., attendees learned the following... 1. The first pass over a field causes 80% of the compaction.... more


  • Canola Performance Trials: 2016

    The 2016 growing season isn’t quite over yet, but some growers are already thinking about what to plant for next year. A great place to look for unbiased variety data that reflect actual production practices... more


  • The right time for fall soil testing

    With results and recommendations in hand before the ground freezes, growers can use the winter months to plan their fertilizer programs for next year, to order fertilizer, and to take advantage of reduced... more


  • Timing and depth for fall fertilizer

    Fall fertilizer is best applied as close to freeze up as possible to balance two objectives: (1) allow soil to seal over the band and (2) reduce losses due to high microbial activity in warm soils. Banding... more


  • Coming events

    Western Forum on Pest Management — October 19-21, Wanuskewin Heritage Centre, Saskatoon. More information and registration. Canola Discovery Forum — October 25-27, Fairmont Hotel, Winnipeg, Man. Join us... more


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